Are your views safe for my video and account?

Yes, they are safe. We never had a customer’s video taken down or account suspended.

Can I split the views?

Yes, the views are splitable. The minimum however, is 1.000 views per video.

How do these views help my video ranking?

YouTube uses several factors to determine the quality of your video. One of them is the video retention. The higher percentage people tend to watch, the better your video will rank.

How long does it take for my views to be delivered?

Your order will be processed within 24 hours after purchase. The average delivery speed is 5000-7000 views per day.

What are high retention views?

High retention means that a high percentage of your video is watched. Our views have a retention of 80-100% which means that that percentage of your video will be viewed. This helps your video rank much better than normal views.

What view package should I choose?

This depends on how many views you need. If you are new to the YouTube business you should start with our small package. Once your audience is big enough you can start ordering the bigger packages.